The Impact of Technological Innovation at Commercial Casinos

In my previous article I talked about the potential of technological innovation at Canadian casinos and how this could affect the industry in many ways. I looked at the ways that technological innovation could change the way we do business at these casinos and how this might impact the regulatory environment surrounding them. However, in this article I will discuss another form of technological innovation, which is also possible in a highly regulated commercial casino environment. This form of innovation could be related to software. I will look at two examples that have occurred at some Canadian casinos.

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The first example of software innovation can be found at the Bell Canada Pavilion in Toronto. Bell Canada has recently developed new casino software that allows players to wager on the outcome of real time satellite television coverage of sports games. As you can imagine, if you are a fan of these types of sporting events and you want to be able to bet on them via the internet then this is a very exciting development. The only problem is that because this is a new software program, no current version of Bell’s software can actually support it.

The second example of technological innovation at commercial casinos occurs with software that is used for queuing. As I noted in my previous article, we can predict that this type of software will become a vital part of how queuing occurs at these facilities. In this article I will discuss software which is used to manage the queuing process and how this technological innovation could change the way that queuing occurs. Hopefully by reading this article you will have something more understood about the importance of technological innovation at commercial casinos.